The Art of Copper Manufacturing

Copper Direct Bottles

You may notice that some copper mugs are hammered, raising the obvious question “Why Are Some Copper Mugs Hammered?” Hammering is a process that is not only laborious and time-consuming but a meticulous task. Sheets of copper are hammered in order to ensure even distribution or heat and air.


Therefore, when a copper mug is hammered, the copper material’s thermal conductivity is enhanced and the drinks that are served taste that much better as well. Copper, itself, intensifies the taste and coldness or hotness of a drink, all which supports the use of the metal for drinking vodka cocktails, such as the Moscow Mule.

Needless to say, you simply cannot drink a Moscow Mule without using a copper mug, especially one that is hammered too. Moscow Mule mugs are usually hammered as the distinctive style denotes superior quality.

When you buy a hammered copper mug, you are guaranteed many years of use as the mugs you buy can be passed down through the generations. Many of the hammered copper styles are made in a copper that displays an antique patina, all which makes owning a hammered copper mug all that more special.

When you compare hammered copper to glass, the comparison and differences are easy to make as copper holds cold and hot better, is a much more durable product and has the ability to resist acid, which a glass mug cannot do.

Because hammering a sheet of copper to produce a copper tankard or mug is a long, drawn out process, that additional effort is revealed in the value of the mugs. Limited edition copper hammered mugs make prized gifts for Moscow Mule drinkers and anyone who enjoys vodka cocktails, coffee, tea, hot chocolate or beer.

Besides being used for cocktails, beers and other cold non-alcoholic beverages in the home, Moscow Mule hammered mugs look beautiful when placed on a kitchen or dining shelf. Not only does the hammering make a nice presentation, it also can be incorporated into copper products, showing distinction and quality.

Most limited edition mugs made of copper simply lose that premium effect if the metal is not hammered. Whether you drink Moscow Mules, Mint Juleps, lemonade or iced tea from copper mugs, you will achieve a better balance in taste and thermal conductivity if you drink from mugs made of hammered metal.

Quality cups crafted with the metal are made even more special when hammering is included in their creation. While they may cost you more, they will also enhance your drinking experiences and the good times spent with friends and family.

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